Join the Campus Consortium!

ICESA is committed to expanding the Campus Consortium so that it has more diverse geographic representation throughout Indiana, as well as more diversity in terms of the types and sizes of schools. Your campus does not need to already have strong prevention or response initiatives; the Campus Consortium welcomes schools that have significant challenges in the areas of sexual violence prevention and response! More than anything, the Campus Consortium is seeking institutional partners that have leaders who are willing to demonstrate a genuine commitment to improving and strengthening sexual violence response and prevention efforts, as well as a willingness to be self-reflective and collaborative.

There are numerous benefits to belonging to the ICESA Campus Consortium, including individualized on-call consulting for employees on your campus, a customized needs assessment report,  trainings for students and employees, exclusive networking and training opportunities for employees, financial assistance for selected employees to attend professional conferences, free registration for certain ICESA events, and in-depth guidance and assistance in developing (or strengthening) prevention task forces and Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs). All campuses in the Campus Consortium sign an MOA with ICESA to indicate the institutions’ committment to following international best practices in sexual violence prevention and response.

If you have any questions regarding the work of the Campus Consortium please feel free to contact, Tracey Horth Krueger at