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Responding to Indiana’s need for a comprehensive structure to provide post-secondary campuses with support for sexual violence prevention and response efforts, ICESA developed its statewide campus consortium in July 2016. ICESA received a three-year federal grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health (OWH) to launch the Campus Consortium. ICESA is honored to be one of nine federal recipients of the OWH College Sexual Assault Policy and Prevention Initiative grant.

The ICESA Campus Consortium provides a structured, reliable mechanism for supporting employees and students at Indiana’s post-secondary institutions. As the Campus Consortium continues to expand, other campuses and agencies will be able to join. Campus partners commit to working closely and collaboratively with ICESA staff members to engage in multiple years of assessment, evaluation, training, and technical assistance; each campus has signed an in-depth Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that indicates its institutional commitment to adhering to international best practices for campus sexual violence prevention and response. Liaisons from each school and agency participate in ICESA’s Campus Consortium Advisory Committee; these committee members meet regularly to discuss best practices for sexual violence prevention and response. Each Campus and Agency Liaison brings a special level of expertise and knowledge to share with the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee provides a space for ICESA’s campus and agency partners to share their knowledge and feedback with ICESA and post-secondary institutions throughout the state. The Campus Consortium has nine outcomes, including policy compliance with federal mandates, sustainable trauma-informed practices, evidence-based prevention strategies, empowered victims, and educated students and campus employees. Campus Consortium schools receive specialized assessment reports, assistance with strategic planning, and tailored trainings for their employees and students.

Membership in the Campus Consortium is a competitive application process; the Campus Consortium is committed to working with campuses that have strong leadership and institutional commitment to ending sexual violence. Click here for the list of campus and agency partners. Each of the Campus Consortium institutions of higher education sign an in-depth MOA. The willingness of these institutions to sign such a detailed MOA signals strong leadership and support for survivors at these institutions, and shows that these institutions are committed to transparency in working with community partners. ICESA is honored to work alongside these campus partners because their leaders are committed to adhering to best practices in sexual violence prevention and response.

Currently, ICESA offers limited free consultations to non-Consortium schools. Please contact Tracey Horth Krueger for more information (

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